My “Behind the Screen” Connection

CC BY 2.0 Claudio Toledo

“We are going to be building a Personal Learning Network using Twitter!” Uh, say what now?

I was enthused, can you tell? I should not have pre-judged this statement before giving my PLN a chance to formulate however, for it has served as the most eye-opening and beneficial piece of technology that I’ve ever worked with. Want to read up on the latest rehab techniques used by physical therapists or find a quick summary of the health benefits you get from eating coconut, start browsing twitter. Home to millions and millions of users, Twitter serves as a resourceful platform to connect and share knowledge between people across the world.

My PLN started off weak. I won’t say that it has transformed into a thing of beauty since the start of the semester, but I am impressed by the amount of connections and resources I have continually compiled, strengthening not only my knowledge within my disciplines of study, but my connections to people and the professional world. I used to associate Twitter with gossip, inappropriate advertisements, and a virtual community that made people anti-social. Now while that may be true in some cases, through my experience with Twitter and building my personal learning network, the virtual world you create can be as unprofessional or professional as you want. As the weeks went by, the amount of irrelevant memes and pictures of animals were replaced by research articles, new findings in disease research, and the latest successes in physical rehab.

Social media accounts like twitter are what you make of them, and I for one am glad I was nudged in the right direction when fashioning mine.

Check out a summary of my Twitter network HERE!



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