A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That – My Project and Research Article

Applied Project: A Day in Their Lives

The “What”

Have you every wondered what a typical day in a surgeon’s life is like? Or how a Strength and Conditioning coach has the energy to work with individuals and athletes day in and day out, and not get sick of working out? Well, for my applied project I will be attempting to answer these questions and get a sneak peak of a normal day in the lives of professionals like these. I plan to observe and interview a wide range of people in their respected fields, all of which I could pursue with my IDS major if so inclined. These fields will range from observing an Athletic Trainer first assisting in knee replacement surgery, to a Dietician outlining nutrition plans for their clients. After my observations I will conduct an interview of the individual about their journey and career thus far, in addition to their aspirations for the future.

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The “Why”

I have always lived through the desire to “have a little bit of everything,” and this project mimics that. I am pursuing this project to get an idea of some of the possibilities that exist for my future and hopefully distinguish which of those fields I could see myself thrive in. I want to experience the different careers associated within Exercise Science and Health as well as hear from professionals about their voyage through their fields. Additionally, it will give me the opportunity to showcase these individual’s accomplishments and stories. It will be through this project that I can attain all of that.

The “How”

To conduct this project, I will be observing a different professional in their specialty at least every other week, with an interview embedded into each visit. Upon completion of those visits, I will be creating a professional profile of each individual and their line of work that will then be uploaded to my website for viewing!

The Inspiring “Conclusion”

As an IDS major, I have already swayed from the typical career bound student. I am passionate about learning and with that comes a passion to find a line of work that I could thrive in. With an Applied Exercise and Health Studies major and a project such as this to accompany it, I am confident that that dream job will be that much closer of being found. As an interdisciplinary studies student I have broke the status quo and I hope to continue reinventing myself again and again through knowledge and experience gained.

The “Timeline” (starting NOW)

Week 1/ Oct 2

  • Finalize Prospectus
  • Email 3 prospective professionals

Week 2/Oct 9

  • Visit at AptStrength facility 10/12
  • Email 3 more prospective professionals

Week 3/Oct 16

  • Write profile for Apt Strength
  • Email 2 prospective professionals

Week 4/Oct 23

  • Observation Visit/Interview
  • Write profile #2

Weeks 5-10/Oct 30-Nov 27

  • Conduct all visits
  • Write all professional profiles

 Week 11/Nov 27

  • Rough draft AP due
  • Peer Review at Writing Center

Week 12/Dec 12

  • AP DUE! 12th

**If you’re interested in understanding a little bit more about my inspiration for this project, here’s my IDS essay that outlines the major I have created!

Applied Exercise and Health Studies

Research Article: What is the “right dose” of physical activity/exercise to promote one’s life’s longevity?

CC BY-ND 2.0 https://flic.kr/p/hgvULP

The “What”

For my research article, I am hoping to find the answer to or at least strengthen my knowledge on the topic of exercise and longevity. How much is enough? How much is too much? The research I do for this article will address these questions and grant me the ability to share that knowledge with others.

The “Why”

Would you like to live your longest possible life, because I know I would. Exercise and physical activity is key for our health and research shows that it increases our lifespan, but I want to know at what intensity we all should be moving. By finding the answer to this question I can not only improve my quality of life but also educate others on how to improve theirs. Bottom line: this is a win, win topic that I want to uncover and if I do, it can only create good in our lives.

The “How”

To investigate this topic, I plan to use online resources such as scientific articles and journals that discuss physical activity’s relation to lifespan. I also plan to refer to the American Heart Association that provides guidelines on exercise for all ages, which will help to outline the minimum amount people should be receiving. Additionally, I plan to use David Buettner’s book, “The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest” as a reference in support of my research.

The “Inspiring Conclusion”

Simply put, I want to the live the healthiest life I can while I can, and gaining insight on my exercise practices is one way to ensure this goal. Integrated into my major is a health promotion component, which is supported by this research as I can begin to educate others with my findings.

The “Timeline”(starting NOW)

Week 1/Oct 2

  • Finalize Prospectus
  • Begin search for online sources

Week 2/Oct 9

  • Start writing entry on Blue Zones
  • Search for more sources

Week 3/Oct 16

  • Start entry on one source
  • Search for remaining sources

Week 4/Oct23

  • Work on entries

Week 5-10/Oct 30 – Nov 27

  • Work on entries

Week 11/Nov 27

  • Rough draft due 11/27
  • Peer review at Writing Center

Week 12-13/Dec 4 – Dec 12

  • Final draft DUE 12th




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2 Comments on “A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That – My Project and Research Article

  1. I think the AP will be terrific, and I can imagine sharing it with new IDS students in the future to help them craft their program statements, plan their courses, and think more about which pathways to choose as they start their educations. We’ve seen a couple of projects like this in the past (never in this field), and they have turned out really well, so I am looking forward to it!

    I am personally super interested in your RA topic. There is so much bad advice out there that is not particularly well-supported by evidence, so I think having an article really look at what the science tells us will be quite welcome. (You could even have a section about bad advice, and why it’s bad, if you wanted to, or if you needed to expand a bit!) If the focus on what “dose” is best doesn’t yield enough material, you can zoom out a bit to talk about the specifics of what kinds of health-related interventions really can effect length of life, and expand past exercise into other issues or just get more detailed on which kinds of exercise are optimal. However you end up organizing, I think it sounds helpful and interesting!

  2. I think your applied project is so interesting! That sounds so cool observing a knee surgery and learning from a Dietician. It’s really interesting how you’re tying all of this together for the project!

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