Rebecca Swope


Physical Therapist

Current Experience & Certifications

Past Experience & Education

  • M.S. Physical Therapy – Cleveland State University
  • B.S. Biology, Anthropology Minor – University of Vermont
  • Practice in both inpatient and outpatient settings – Chicago, Illinois

A Day in the Life of a Physical Therapist

My first interaction with Becca dates back to February, when I reached out to the company inquiring about an internship opportunity. At the time, they were unfortunately unable to coordinate such a request. I was very discouraged, but little did I know that my future with Cioffredi & Associates had more in store. Eight months later I reached out to Becca again, this time inquiring about a shadow day. I’m persistent, so I mentioned that I was still searching for a spring internship as well. It couldn’t hurt to ask, right? I waited anxiously for a response and when it came, not only was a shadow day an absolute “yes,” but she also expressed that an internship might actually be something they could accommodate. Best email I have received to date.

To share with you the reason for my excitement, not only does Cioffredi & Associates offer Physical Therapy services, they are also home to many other services of care that include: Occupational Therapy, Health Coaching, Medically-based Personal Training, Nutrition Counseling, Massage Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation, Dry Needling, and Pediatric Physical Therapy. I can’t think of a better place to learn and gain exposure to such a wide array of health-related specialties. Yes, I will keep bragging, so here’s a short clip that provides a glimpse of the world at Cioffredi.

My day at the facility was incredible. I had the opportunity to observe numerous patient visits, all with diverse reasons for care that ranged from strength training to rehabilitation to muscle manipulation to even the use of the dry needling technique. Not only did the course of care range from patient to patient, but the interaction with them did as well. I found that a huge part of physical therapy is not just the physical approach, but the social aspects as well. Communication between patient and provider allows for a sense of understanding to be transferred over so modifications or changes can be made in treatment and both sides receive the most effective feedback from another.

While shadowing Becca, I also had the pleasure of observing and chatting with a graduate student who was at Cioffredi fulfilling some of her clinical hour requirements for her PT program. As an aspiring PT, her added insight on schooling and the profession itself solidified that despite the rigorousness of her program, the ability to provide such valuable care in which I saw that day, is absolutely worth it.

The day continued to surpass my expectations as Becca introduced me to Michele Boutin, the Client Care Representative and Health Coach, as well as Amy Hayward, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. During my chat with Amy we discussed my intent to intern and started to craft out plans to organize it!

My shadow experience with Becca and immersion into the supportive and fun environment that exists at Cioffredi & Associates, gave me a stronger appreciation for the services physical therapists provide and only strengthened my excitement in continuing to learn from their diverse staff of professionals come spring.

Some words from Becca…

Her Highlight:

“I love that I get to interact with patients on a daily basis, as I see these patients many times during the week. It it fun developing relationships with them, and really feel like you are making a difference in their lives. I also really enjoy the other staff I work with.”

Her Future Plans:

“I hope to be doing exactly what I am doing years down the road (sorry that’s not very exciting!) I love what I do, and hope that I am able to continue my work. I am sitting for the Orthopedic Clinical Specialist boards this upcoming spring, so fingers crossed I will have a more advanced certification, which has been a personal goal of mine for a while. I also hope to be able to sit for my manual therapy certification in the future, which is another personal goal. Long term, I hope to be able to scale back my clinical hours to spend more time with my kids and maybe work with one of the PT programs helping to teach or aide in lab time.”

Her Suggestions:

“A degree that allows you to take the pre-req classes is important so you don’t have to take more classes before applying to school. Shadow in a variety of settings (inpatient, outpatient, SNF, rehab) to really have a solid understanding of this profession.”