Hope Hayes


Registered Dietician/Eating Disorder Specialist

Current Experience & Certifications

  • Registered Dietician (RD) & Owner – Nourishing NH, LLC
  • Licensed Nutritionist (LN)
  • Eating Disorder Specialist
  • Lecturer at White Mountains Community College – North Conway, NH

Past Experience & Education

  • MEd. Health Education and Promotion – Plymouth State University, NH
  • Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) & Internship – Simmons College, MA

A Day in the Life of a Registered Dietician & Eating Disorder Specialist

My time with Hope was spent a little differently than what one might call a typical “shadow day.” Due to HIPPA violations and confidentiality, I was unable to sit in on client appointments, so instead Hope graciously offered up her time to sit down with me at her location in the beautiful town of North Conway, NH to chat about her profession.


Having only three questions in queue, I was interested to see where the conversation might take us. Wonderfully so, Hope was an open book. Her energy and passion for her work in nutrition was contagious and had me looking forward to mirroring that presence in my future work. The interview was a way for me to learn about Hope, but she made every effort to hear my story, my future aspirations, and assist in any way she could to help in the process. From out chat, my interest in holistic health only grew. Her practice and philosophy centers around a non-diet, “health at every size” and “intuitive eating” approach, all of which I find extremely refreshing. Hope described health as being a feeling, rather than an image and noted how powerful that message can be for clients struggling with life in their own skin. Hope promotes a mind-body connection in her practice and it works. 

As a mother of two, running a successful business, and teaching at the community college in town, Hope has found a way to not only make her work fun and fulfilling, but ensures she has ample time to spend with her children as “they are only little once,” she pointed out. Hope too, has aspirations for her future and while they may take time (and money) she knows their worth. To meet Hope and hear about her journey in becoming a Registered Dietician, I am excited to have made yet another wonderful connection, but also to further engrain the confidence that whatever I choose to pursue in the future is attainable so long as I continue my exploration. It will piece together, I am confident in that.

Some words from Hope…

Her Highlight:

“The freedom that I have for my life. There’s a certain financial freedom that comes with owning your own business as well as the freedom and time for my kids. The other component is the philosophy of ‘health at every size’ and intuitive eating keeps me here working with my clients. I would work 40 hours a week because I love it from that perspective. I love being able to give them hope, I love giving them the concept that we can be liberated from diet, culture, because we live in such a crazy diet culture. I love letting them know that I’m committed to them in a way that they’ve never felt that before, that they can change the way they think about food, that they can change the way that they think about their bodies, that they can mend that relationship. It feels so authentic. It feels holistic and it works. I see it work! They’re not dropping poundage out of my office and that’s okay, but they’re creating a new brain-body connection and it’s so liberating for them. That’s up there with my kids.”

Her Future Plans:

“So I always say every 6 months to a year you have to step outside your bubble because you get too complacent.”

“I hate public speaking,” she explained. So what did she do? Agreed to give an hour long presentation to a group of physician’s at Wentworth Douglas in September.

“My next step is I’m looking to complete a specific eating disorder certification, so instead of just being a registered dietician, I’m going to be a certified eating disorder’s registered dietician. It’s expensive so I’m going to sink my teeth into that for the next…I’m hoping to do that in a year and half but we’ll see. There’s nobody else around here that has it and I think only a handful of Dieticians in our state have it. I really want to be the specialist in this.”

Her Suggestions:

“Dietetics is becoming a really saturated field, a lot of people want to do it and theres not enough internships. You have to look really really good. So, grad school is almost a must. You don’t have to have a master’s right now, but by 2021 to even be considered you have to have a master’s degree. So if you’re applying anytime between now and then, definitely go to grad school because you want to have the best education you possibly can. I think the respect level is different and I also feel like you’re dealing with people’s lives. So I think grad school is a must, having a speciality is a must, if you know you’re into holistic medicine, looking into different functional medicine type programs or functional nutrition, and just grasping where you can, just figuring it out so you can have a plan where you’re going to go with this. From that you’ll know.”

“Really just get more experience. Maybe grad school not right now, go get a job for a year, mess round with working with people from a nutritional aspect, from moving their bodies, things like that, and see how it feels. The most important thing is prioritize a list. First figure out what am I interested in. What can I see myself doing. What makes you happy is really important. What lines up with your values and then as you figure that stuff out you’ll find programs that make sense.”

“Mindful eating replaces self-criticism with self-nurturing. It replaces shame with respect for your own inner wisdom.” ~Jan Chozen Bays