Dr. Janelle Bard


Chiropractor/Whole Food Nutritionist

Current Experience

  • Chiropractor & Whole Food Nutritionist (OWNER) – Lincoln Wellness Center, Lincoln, NH

Past Experience & Education

  • Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) – Texas Chiropractic College, Pasadena, TX
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education – Plymouth State University
  • 300 hours of post-graduate nutrition training

A Day in the Life of a Chiropractor & Whole Food Nutritionist

Lincoln Wellness Center. Digital Image. https://drjanellebard.com/lincoln-wellness-center/

At some point in our lives we have all been asked a variation of these questions: “who is your role-model,” “who has been the most influential person in your life,” etc. Now, I can’t say that I have ever been able to distinguish a specific person, but rather a compilation of people throughout my life that have in one way or another influenced my evolution as an individual. Dr. Bard makes this list. Unaware that her practice has been located 20 minutes south of my home for a fast approaching 20 years (just about my whole life), I am grateful that our paths finally crossed.

My first exposure to chiropractic care occurred at a very young age when I watched my dad get an adjustment. I hated it. Who would ever want to have their body popped and jerked around like that? Well, now I understand. When I first reached out to Dr. Bard my initial interest in her practice was drawn to the “Whole Food Nutrition” service she provides, not so much the chiropractic care. Why not get some exposure to both though, right? From the minute I entered the Lincoln Wellness Center, nestled in the beautiful mountain town of Lincoln, NH, I was immediately swept up by its good energy. Dr. Bard’s right-hand women, the rock-stars that handle billing, orders, appointments, and many other essentials that go into the success of running a business, instantly welcomed me and made me feel right at home.

Standard Process. Digital Image. Standard Process Southeast, https://static1.squarespace.com/static/556629d6e4b09aa712dc2eda/t/556e1ad2e4b0b824f1ec5c5b/1432824559367/slide-standard-process.jpg

The day consisted of a blend of both services so I was able to see it all. As expected, the nutrition part of her job had me hooked. Referred to as “nutrition testing,” Dr. Bard utilizes a form of kinesiology that tests the neurological reflexes of the body to ultimately determine areas of dysfunction. Organic, whole food supplements are then prescribed to facilitate the healing of those systems and organs. I was mesmerized.

CC BY-SA 2.0 https://flic.kr/p/htZs5C

In observing just one chiropractic case, my view on its care took a 180-degree turn. Yes, there were quick movements accompanied by many cracks and pops, but her technique did not produce a sense of fear that I had forever associated its treatment with. Dr. Bard had the ability to ease the pain of each and every patient she saw that day, an ability that is pretty remarkable. Whether she sees a patient for chiropractic care or nutrition, she treats each person as a whole, in an attempt to bring about balance and health to each of their lives. During my day with Dr. Bard, not only did I gain exposure to the fields of nutrition and chiropractic care, I gained a greater appreciation for my health and the motivation to improve it, any way I can. In knowing Dr. Bard for only a few short months, I am so grateful for the impact she has had on my life and future aspirations. I become both a chiropractic and nutrition patient before I left that day.

Some words from Dr. Bard…

Her Highlight:

“The fact that I can help somebody. The fact that I make somebody’s day less painful and nutritionally, to bring patients to a place where they thrive, not just survive. I’m all about the whole body and as you saw today, there’s person and then there’s the pain, they’re always connected. So to have a day like today where so many people came in and they feel better and are all moving in the right direction, they’re all making small steps to improve their health, to me, that’s just fun!”

Her Future Plans:

Dr. Bard is currently focusing on her health and continuing to provide care to both Chiropractic and nutrition patients to better theirs. She is toying with many potential plans for the future  of the Lincoln Wellness Center, and until then we can look forward to those announcements!

Her Suggestions:

“I would just keep going to places that you think you might like, if you think you like orthopaedic surgery, go hang out with them for a day, go see what their lives are like. I would keep writing down the things you like, just write it down.”

“I follow my intuition. So work to me is not work, it’s fun, and that’s where you need to keep following that intuition. If you can stick to your intuition, your life will be so much easier.”

“What do you love? What’s the one thing you’re good at that other people struggle with? I was an athlete, I was always good at physical things, and so when I got to adjusting in school, I was like oh this is going to be easy, because I’m good at hands on stuff. The same with the Kinesiology. So I would encourage you to look at what you excel in.”