Phil Currier


Strength & Conditioning Coach

Courtesy of Phil Currier

Current Experience & Certifications

Past Experience & Education

  • Plymouth State University, (B.S.) Exercise & Sport Physiology
  • Strength & Conditioning Intern – Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
  • Strength& Conditioning Intern –  Athletic Performance Training, Falmouth, MA

A Day in Life of a Strength and Conditioning Coach

I could feel the vibration and thumping of music through the doors of the Athletic Performance Training facility in Attleboro, MA before I even stepped foot into the gym. When I did, the energy circulating through the room, both from coach and athlete was undeniable. I was immediately swept up in excitement by the sight of such state of the art equipment and a friendly face.

Phil and I attended Woodsville High School together, where he graduated one year ahead of me in 2013 and ironically both continuing our educations at Plymouth State University in the Health and Human Performance Department. Phil has always excelled in his academics and in tandem with his passion for fitness, has paved the way to becoming the head strength and conditioning coach at the APT facility based out of the New England Sports Village in Attleboro, MA. Always an overachiever, he also provides personal training services for clients based out of the Attleboro, MA and Providence, RI areas.

CC BY Louisa Noble

I spent the day with Phil, observing, asking questions, and even on occasion utilizing my skills to help assist a few general fitness clients with exercises under his direction. The age and fitness level of clients and athletes varied as the morning began with a training session with The Northeast Generals NAHL team, the 95 Giants u15 team, along with a semi private training and youth figure skater group – those of which are only a handful of teams he trains. Each session had a different focus ranging from stretching and foam rolling to a full body workout. A typical Thursday for Phil has him at the gym at 8:00am until about 8:00pm, a schedule that we mirrored.

Having known Phil for most of my life, it has been unbelievably motivating to follow his successes and see the impressive career he is creating for himself. In only a day’s time, Phil shared with me the highs and lows of being a strength and conditioning coach. Yes, his days are long, and no, the spread of clientele is not wonderful across the board, but he has found passion in providing these services to people, a passion from what I can see is unwavering and has only just begun. With a safe and effective training philosophy, Phil has not only transformed into a reputable and motivating coach, but he also transforms the lives of each client and athlete he works with.

Some words from Phil…

Phil’s Highlight:

“Seeing my athletes grow confidence, get stronger, and achieve their goals. Corny, but absolutely holds true. Watching my guys get college offers, making teams, and doing well is what drives me to be better every day.”

Phil’s Future Plans:

” My short-term goals are to read, go to conferences, and learn as much as I can to create my own strong coaching identity. I want to help the NAHL Northeast Generals go from being 4-53-3 last year, to the playoffs this year (currently 13-3).”

” My long-term goals are the same as my short term (minus the playoffs), and turn this new facility into a thriving business & culture of excellence. I want to watch my athletes make it to high school, get on junior teams, and into college & beyond. I want to be there to help them do so.”

Suggestions for others:

” Find something you’re passionate about, and do something to get better at it every day. If you’re not passionate about what you do, you’ll never work 100%. Take a chance on an internship that you don’t think you’ll get (I did this twice). Work your hardest, and the rest will come. At least in strength & conditioning in the job market, you can’t coast. You must sprint for a long distance, and then be willing to wake up at 4 am every day, then be on your feet for 14 hours. You must force yourself to be above average, because average lands you an average job, and an average life. Make a plan on how to be better.  I think this carries over to all jobs. If you work hard, REALLY HARD, take chances, and don’t mess around when you do, take steps EVERYDAY towards getting better, you’ll achieve your goals.”

CC BY Louisa Noble

To find out more about Phil and his services you can follow or contact him with the information listed below!

  • Email:
  • Phone: (603) 266 – 9054
  • Social Media: @currierstrength on Instagram